First post!

I'm writing this post although I'm still quite a while away from launching the store officially (I am targeting Q3 2015). As you can read in the 'about us' page, I am starting this online store as my kids (age 3 yrs and 18mths) have enjoyed sensory play very much and I'm hoping to share the joy of these activities with more children here in Singapore. As I'm planning for the store, there are so many fun sensory play ideas out there, I'm having trouble deciding what to offer here and also how to offer it (as a homemade product or providing packages of hard-to-find ingredients or importing ready-made products from reputable brands). I'm guessing the offerings here will evolve quite a bit as I go along, hopefully improving to meet your needs better. As such, I will be delighted if you can share any feedback with me to help me along in this journey. :)

Alright I'll keep this post short as I have lots of research to do for the store which I am truly very excited about (Although there's lots and lots to do even for this little store, I am enjoying every bit of it immensely and finding everything to be infinitely more fun than my previous desk job!) While I've never been quite the blogging type, nor am I good with words, I will try to write new posts every now and then to share more of my thoughts and experiences with sensory play. 

Thanks for visiting!



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